• Innovative De-icing management solutions •

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hantho Outdoor Services has developed a solution with a 98% success rate


We've discovered after 25 years of research and numerous winters of trial and error that pre-storm preparations are crucial.  Hantho is out prior to every snow event pre-treating parking lots, roads and sidewalks that activates the moment snow accumulates.  This proven process helps reduce risks associated with potential slip/fall incidents and simplifies many snow events.  

Granular salt supply and availability is limited in Minnesota which has been a major problem during winters producing above average snow & ice events.  Hantho has eliminated this variable by making our very own, endless supply of liquid brine salt at our headquarters in Minnesota.  In addition, we've identified specialized formulas/mixtures that perform more effectively during fluctuating pavement temperatures.  

* Click on the above photo to learn more about Schmidt salt spreaders

* Click on the above photo to learn more about Schmidt salt spreaders

Our solution is simple.

Hantho's state of the art salt trucks apply both liquid & granular salt.  Pre-treating your pavement before each storm arrives will allow:

  • Reduced overall salt usage
  • Reduced landcape damage
  • A safer environment
  • Less worries for your property management team